Fujiko Rose (b. 1997, England) works through her own unique style, with a delicate balance of the ornate landscape using predominantly Indian ink on a variety of distinctive surfaces.

After leaving school in 2016 she's been exhibiting at a variety of London fairs and galleries, she's known for her achievement of winning the 2019 sky arts series, Landscape artist of the Year. Fujiko artworks are highly personal representations of what may at first seem to be classic compositional subjects, the work amalgamates a contrast of the contemporary with traditional scenes, juxtaposing a modern emotive format. 

"I like to make fusions and highlight contrasts by combining elements such as modern and traditional, eastern and western and realism with abstract. My goal is always to highlight the distinctive and wonderful qualities of the subject matter, it’s a type of celebratory work, each artwork is like a little love letter.”