Fujiko Rose is a fine and decorative artist whose work celebrates nature and design. After leaving school in 2016 she's been exhibiting at a variety of London fairs and galleries, she's best known for her most recent achievement of winning the 2019 sky arts series, Landscape artist of the Year.Fujiko artworks are highly personal representations of what may at first seem to be classic compositional subjects. After finding something that inspires her she takes the concept back to her Hertfordshire studio where she works on highlighting the particular aspects she finds appealing to create something unique, eclectic and highly contemporary.Created predominately in monochrome with ink, her artwork has echoes of the antique intaglio prints her mother used to collect as well as the illustrations she grew up reading. These inspirations inform and inhabit much of her work, often seen in topics such as fashion, nature and architecture."I like to make fusions and highlight contrasts by combining elements such as modern and traditional, eastern and western and realism with abstract. My Japanese heritage has also had an influence on my art starting from my fascination with manga as a child, and later in my love of traditional Japanese art and design which shares visual similarities to the modernist movement."

Fujiko is currently represented by JC Gallery in Mayfair, London